<p><strong>Do you want to cook a kitchen for a senior? This can be quite difficult: it is necessary to think of many details so that it is both comfortable to use, but also perfectly secure. Here are our tips for rethinking a perfect kitchen for a senior. </strong></p> <h5>Special attention to the materials used</h5> <p>When designing your kitchen, the first thing you need to do is look at its floor. It must absolutely not be slippery. This could indeed increase the risk of falling, which could be problematic for an older person. We therefore advise you to opt for a very adherent flooring, which has an R10 index or higher. For the worktop, we advise you to focus on the stone. It is indeed a material that proves very resistant and can easily withstand hot dishes without deteriorating.</p> <h5>Adapt the kitchen to its user</h5> <p>When designing a kitchen for a senior, you must make sure that it is perfectly adapted to your abilities. We advise you to avoid as much storage height. When he wants to access his utensils, it is preferable that he does not need to use a stepladder. This would only increase the risk of falling, and therefore of injury. If you have no choice, plan low storage for the heavier utensils, which are more difficult to handle in height. In addition, we advise you to prefer the drawers to the cupboards. These offer a much easier opening and closing. You can even opt for damped closure options or handles that are particularly easy to grasp.</p> <p>Finally, it is obviously not recommended to install a high table and bar chairs. However, it is still important to provide a table and chairs, but they must be standard size. Their presence will allow seniors to sit during the preparation of certain dishes. They will avoid standing, a position that can be painful in the long run.</p> <h5>Consider accessibility standards</h5> <p>You must always keep in mind that a senior may have difficulty moving. He may even need a wheelchair to get around. The kitchen you design must therefore be perfectly adapted to this constraint. For this, the space in front of each kitchen element must be sufficient. For optimal comfort, count at least 150 centimeters.<br /> In addition, you must also consider the height of the different elements. For example, for a senior to be able to easily use it, the sink should be 85 centimeters above the floor. In addition, the height of the space under this sink must be at least<br /> 70 centimeters.</p> <h5>Choosing the kitchen sink</h5> <p>As for the sink, its color, its materials and the number of bins do not really matter. They can therefore be chosen quite freely. However, you should still favor a shallow model. In addition, we advise you to choose a product equipped with a mixer with a hand shower, for a much more comfortable and easy use.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>