<p><strong>You have a small budget and you want to (re) decorate your home? No problem ! &nbsp; With a little imagination and organization, it&#39;s simple. Follow our advice to make you a warm and friendly cocoon. </strong></p> <h5>unclutter</h5> <p>The first and most important step is to unclutter your home. This is not the most fun but probably the most beneficial. Declutting and cleaning are sometimes all that a house or apartment needs.<br /> Then do not hesitate to sort and dare to part with some decorations that you do not like. It&#39;s also a great opportunity to try to sell them and have a small budget for future purchases. This degreasing is essential and saves time and efficiency. We all tend to keep things we hold and let them hang out on a shelf without knowing why. A house uncluttered is more beautiful, more refined and can start from scratch for decoration.</p> <h5>Dress up without much expense</h5> <p>It is often wrongly thought that there is a lot of work to be done to modernize and revamp the interior, while a few adjustments are enough to make it trendy. Your furniture is about ten years old and is not really up to date anymore? Before buying new ones, think of the paper sticker to cover them or the stickers to add easily and quickly a small modern touch to the whole. You can also replace old handles with newer designs and customize your kitchen for a reasonable budget. The credenza can also give a contemporary look to your kitchen. For example, choose a graphic pattern that will reveal the volumes of the room.</p> <p>Lighting is important and beautiful metal suspensions will give an industrial touch to your home. For example, are your kitchen or bathroom a bit dull? A vibrant color on a whole wall with dark colored furniture, will give a boost.</p> <h5>Rethinking the layout</h5> <p>Before giving in to the temptation to replace all your furniture, consider giving them a new life, thanks to the principles of home-staging. This new way to decorate your home is to use old furniture that we will repaint or customize to bring them up to date.</p> <p>Your sofa is a little tired? Cover it with a nice plaid and come and have some cushions, which will give it a contemporary look in no time and at a low price. To wake up a room that is too white, cover a wall or door with a flashy paint or a graphic wallpaper, which will help structure the room. If your living room seems too small, consider rearranging the arrangement of furniture or hang mirrors in strategic places to enlarge the room. If you have a fireplace in the room, think of highlighting it by adding some decorative objects on the shelf, or by decorating the duct with a beautiful sculpture to give height to the living room. Finally, replace the slightly older luminaires with beautiful contemporary suspensions, which will bring a design touch at a lower cost to the room.</p> <h5>Redo the decoration without breaking the bank</h5> <p>Bathroom styles, for example, change very regularly, but to stay up to date there is no need for expensive work. Did you get tired of the color of the tiles? Instead of replacing it with another one, an economical solution is to repaint it with a special acrylic bathroom paint that is very easy to install. Pale pink or midnight blue are trendy colors.</p> <p>Would you like to add some chic to your shower, but the price of marble or mosaic makes you hesitate? Turn to imitation earthenware or vinyls and choose your favorite design. &nbsp; The furniture can also allow to customize the decoration of the bathroom, do not hesitate to place some original pieces as a chair to create an offbeat atmosphere. Give a good share of linen and combine beautiful towels to the color of the room, to bring a touch of decoration. In the same way, pretty bottles of soap and shampoos help to make the bathroom a unique space that suits you. Finally, some plants will bring a vegetal note to the bathroom and create a zen atmosphere, conducive to relaxation.</p> <h5>Good opportunities</h5> <p>Finally, keep an eye on the decorative shops near you. &nbsp; Destocking operations are sometimes carried out. Maisons du Monde, for example, launches &quot;Stylish Offers&quot; in early spring. &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>