<p><strong>In recent years, the glass roof has become a &quot;must&quot; for our homes! Elegant, discreet and practical, it brings brightness and design to your home. Simple element of deco or true partition in its own right, discover all its advantages! </strong></p> <h5>The inner canopy: for which parts?</h5> <p>Usually used to replace or create a separate partition, its main purpose is to separate a space in two. However, it is full of many other qualities. Light and heat are the main ones. The canopy, obviously transparent, allows to let in the sun and keep its heat.<br /> Most often installed in kitchens, the canopy can do the job in other parts of the house. In an entrance hall, it creates an aesthetic and luminous opening on the other rooms. In a room, it can act as a headboard and separate the sleeping area from the bathroom. Finally, between the living room and the dining room, for example, the canopy can also be transformed into a modular door and partition, giving an impression of having enlarged the spaces.</p> <p>Another advantage of the canopy is its adaptation to all styles. No need for a special look to install one. On the other hand, we must choose the materials. If you are going on a &quot;charm&quot; decoration, with warm, fashionable tones such as pale pink, opt instead for a wooden canopy. Its only drawback lies in the sound insulation. It absorbs less noise than a wooden partition or wall.</p> <h5>Fashionable for your kitchens</h5> <p>Who said that it was not possible to partition the kitchen keeping the brightness? With the windows, the kitchen has never been so trendy. In addition, it is convenient and does not take much space. Failing to have an open kitchen, the canopy still allows you to have a view of the other parts of the house. &nbsp;<br /> This partition gives character to your kitchen and its studio style is increasingly appreciated by households. It is possible to leave an opening, ideal option between a kitchen and a dining room. It allows to separate spaces, but not to partition and feel cramped.</p> <h5>Optimal for small studios</h5> <p>The windows are also a popular development for people enjoying a studio. Created in a small space, a canopy can give the sensation of having a two rooms. Equip your partition with a solid panel at the bottom and glazing above this wall and voila. Thanks to this partition, you will have the impression of having a much bigger and especially much brighter.</p> <h5>His price ?</h5> <p>The cost of the interior canopy, as for any development, obviously depends on many factors: the size, the materials chosen, ... The constraints related to the installation, hanging on the ceiling, making sliding doors, anchoring in a load-bearing wall, etc ... are also to be taken into account. Take the time to reflect on the work that this entails and ask for several quotes to compare prices.<br /> Do not hesitate and crack for the indoor canopy!</p>