<p><strong>Parquet is the ideal material to give warmth to your home. In old housing, the floor already present can be preserved, and restored if necessary. In the case of a complete renovation, it is possible to create a coating with parquet. We will detail the different possibilities available to you.</strong></p> <h5>The old parquet, the nobility of the wood</h5> <p>The old parquet is the most authentic parquet flooring. The natural wood that constitutes it is, very often, solid oak. It offers incomparable properties: long-lasting durability and optimum stability.<br /> The aesthetic side is not left out. The patina, in other words, the experience of the old parquet, makes it a very popular coating. It is precisely this aged appearance that will bring warmth to your home. Like all ancient materials, it requires a very rigorous maintenance.</p> <h5>Renovate and maintain old parquet</h5> <p>The old parquet often needs to be renovated. The wear of time is felt, and it is never useless to restore all its acclaim. Fortunately, the renovation of an old wooden floor is simple and accessible to all. It can be summed up in two indissociable steps: sanding and vitrifying.</p> <p>First, you must sand your floor. The purpose of the maneuver is to make the surface as smooth and clean as possible, in order to achieve vitrification in the best conditions. Do not hesitate to use every means to achieve this: push in the nails protruding, replace worn blades if necessary. Be careful, however, to sand old parquet, do not use products. Simply sandpaper with a sander. It&#39;s time to go to vitrification. This operation consists in applying an invisible and impermeable layer on your floor, in order to protect it durably from the daily damages.</p> <h5>Solid parquet, laminated or laminate</h5> <p>The solid parquet is the one you must prioritize to give a warm look to your home. It has characteristics similar to those of a real old parquet, and the wood used is the same. Several shades are available, and you can even find with an aged effect, for more authenticity. Its only drawback is the initial investment, which can be substantial (between &euro; 40 and &euro; 140 per m&sup2;). Nevertheless, its estimated lifespan of about 100 years, as well as its robustness, justify this high cost.</p> <p>The parquet plywood is composed of 3 layers of wood. A layer of noble wood on the surface, then a layer of soft wood in the middle, and finally a layer of plywood. It is aesthetically similar to solid parquet and offers equivalent strength guarantees. In contrast, its longevity is less, about 50 years. Due to the presence of several layers, it can only be sanded a maximum of 6 times. It is nevertheless an excellent quality / price ratio.</p> <p>The laminate flooring is made of fine wood particles. It is surmounted by a layer that mimics the different types of wood used for traditional parquet. It has the advantage of being easy to install and maintain. Nevertheless, it is not a real wood as for other floors. The rendering is not the same level, and the daily wear makes its life shorter. Its very affordable price is a major asset.</p> <h5>The parquet imitation</h5> <p>Vinyl imitates the parquet perfectly. These are blades that just cut and paste. For a reasonable budget, you can give your home a warm look. Attention, this coating is much more fragile than parquet. There is tiling that looks like parquet. This is a good option if you want to focus on the visual aspect, while enjoying the robustness of the tiles. However, the heat will not be at the rendezvous when you set foot on the ground. Unlike parquet, the tiles are cold.</p> <p>We introduced you to the different types of flooring that you can use. Depending on your desires and your budget, there are several alternatives. All you have to do is choose!</p>