<p><strong>Long considered a simple passage room for taking a quick shower or cooling off, the bathroom has now evolved. It is no longer a neglected room, but a place where we take time for ourselves, we ask ourselves to enjoy and relax. And why not go further by turning your water room into a real spa? If, as for many, the idea of finding yourself in one of these establishments with strangers rejects you, go ahead and create a zen space in your home, in complete privacy. </strong></p> <p>Go to the spa to relax? Yes ! Have to endure the chatter and noises of others? No thank you. And why not create your own home spa? The idea seems enticing. Lay out your bathroom to turn it into a wellness area worthy of a spa, many are those to take the leap not to have to move. We deserve to feel good at home! For want of comfort or need of tranquility, the bathroom is transformed into a Zen space conducive to healing.</p> <h5>A temple of well-being</h5> <p>It&#39;s decided, we&#39;re pampering our bathroom! Considered cold and impersonal in the past, it is no longer the only room used for our toilet. This room is now dedicated to tranquility and well-being. Logic that we spend more and more time. It is therefore important to develop it into a comfortable place, conducive to relaxation and relaxation, regardless of its size. Want to enjoy a hot shower and music at bedtime, to bask in the bath and forget your daily worries? Turn your banal living room into a real cocoon and adopt the practices of the greatest spas. Relaxation and pleasure guaranteed!</p> <h5>The bathtub, centerpiece</h5> <p>Who says home spa says comfortable tub. This central element of your bathroom has all its importance in the creation of your Zen space. If it is tiny, say goodbye to comfort and relaxation. See big! The bathtub is transformed and adopts new forms: corner, rectangular, oval or asymmetrical.</p> <p>Choose for example an island model, worthy of a spa. If the room dimensions allow it, put your bathtub in the center to draw attention to it. You can also embed it in a wooden box in a corner of your bathroom. Some models even offer massage options tonus or relaxation on certain parts of the body and the diffusion of essential oils to relax. All, directed by a remote control. When it comes to your comfort, there is no limit.</p> <h5>A multifunctional shower</h5> <p>If the bathtub is not your cup of tea or if you simply miss space, rest assured. The spas also have showers. These can be particularly comfortable. Prefer the showers in Italian, purified. You will have more room to add a bench or a storage column.</p> <p>Opt for a model with different jets like cascading jet, tropical rain or rainy sky thanks to a system integrated in a false ceiling. Also install an LED lighting system or Bluetooth speakers to play music. Thanks to all these functions, taking a morning shower becomes a pleasure.</p> <h5>Gentle lighting</h5> <p>No way to spoil your moment of relaxation with aggressive lighting. The spa is often synonymous with dim lights and soft. Take this opportunity to change your lighting by scattering LEDS in the room, as extra lighting. Also add a system of openwork sunshades to the outside to find the right balance of natural light and privacy. You will have a view of the outside without being seen.<br /> Arranging your bathroom in a zen space is also an opportunity to bring light therapy and chromotherapy home. These solutions are intended to appease people who are lacking in sunlight or depression by using white light for one and targeted colors for the other. Integrate these lights into your shower, bathtub or even furniture for a touch of magic. What make you feel better.</p> <h5>Natural materials</h5> <p>Whether for your floor, your walls, your furniture or even your sink, it is better to choose natural materials that you can then mix. If you want to reproduce the relaxing atmosphere of the spa, make a cross on the artificial materials. For your washbasins, prefer, for example, stone. Particularly strong and elegant, this authentic material also goes very well with wood, bamboo and other natural materials. It can also be used in the form of tiles or slate tiles. By installing wood on your floor, you will reproduce the atmosphere of Japanese spas.</p> <p>If you are looking for an alternative, cork has many advantages. Insulation, it is particularly comfortable and offers you an ideal temperature, summer and winter. You can install it yourself.</p> <h5>Soothing colors</h5> <p>If you want to create a home spa, do not neglect your walls. Indeed, some colors will invite more relaxation than others. If in the past, you&#39;ve chosen loud tones to energize your room, it&#39;s time to change dramatically.<br /> White and soft and warm colors will better suit your need of calm and healing, because they recall the materials used in your pond. You are also unlikely to get bored. Paints adapted to wet rooms can be used on walls, tiles, skirting boards, etc.</p> <h5>Hanging furniture</h5> <p>In your spa bathroom, furniture should not weigh down the room. For this, place them preferably in height to free space and give an impression of opening. Also opt for light colors to enhance the brightness of the room. Finally, for your sink, a rounded shape will be better than a square or rectangular shape.</p> <h5>A touch of greenery</h5> <p>It is well known, the plants calm down. They soothe and improve the quality of the air. A bit of greenery will find its place in your Zen bathroom without difficulty. If you do not have a green thumb and are afraid that your plants will not survive in this humid environment, artificial plants will do just fine. Arrange them on shelves or near your bathtub. If you use plant pots, choose natural materials.</p> <h5>Comfortable laundry</h5> <p>To extend your moment of relaxation when you are out of your shower or bath, opt for ultra soft and comfortable bath linens. Finished the ragged and faded towels or the misshapen bathrobe. Prefer white linen and quality to remember the peaceful side of the spa. For better results, roll your towels and arrange them in baskets or on an open shelf for example.<br /> When drying, place them on a wooden ladder. A more aesthetic solution than the traditional heated towel rail. Some models of radiators go however to take again the minimalist forms of a scale to adapt to the desired style. In addition to being mobile, they heat your laundry and the room simultaneously.</p> <h5>A real cocoon</h5> <p>Want to recreate the spa atmosphere to the same? Use all your senses, including your sense of smell. Aromatherapy enhances your sense of well-being.</p> <p>Use a diffuser or add a few drops of essential oils to your bath or towels for a better result. Also arrange some scented candles, mainly around your bath or shower, to spread a pleasant scent within the room. However, avoid mixtures of perfumes to not transform this moment happiness in migraine.<br /> Then add a background sound in the form of background music or sounds from nature. Now all you have to do is clear your mind and enjoy your little bubble of relaxation.</p> <h5>Some decorative elements</h5> <p>To maintain the purity and relaxation of a spa, be careful not to overload your bathroom unnecessarily. Choose carefully decorative objects to disseminate in the room. If you want to discover the radiant and relaxed mine that you have at the end of your bath, install a mirror above your sink or your vanity. Prefer it discrete so that it fits better to the whole. Some more sophisticated models prevent condensation and allow you to adjust the light for optimal use.</p> <p>Do you want to keep your privacy or create separations in your new wellness area? For example, opt for a wooden screen. A charming asset for an intimate decoration. Be sure to keep your bathroom tidy in all circumstances. Emptying the mind and relaxing will be much easier in a room uncluttered.</p> <h5>State-of-the-art equipment</h5> <p>If you want to go even further in the creation of a wellness area, it is possible to install a sauna or steam room at home. Still need to have room. This imposing equipment requires a bathroom with sufficient dimensions. In order to create a wooden sauna area in the room, place glass walls to define the space and add some LEDS. You will enjoy the warmth in your &quot;cabin&quot; by keeping an eye on the rest of the bathroom.</p> <p>You can also have a real steam room installed at home with moisture resistant panels. Depending on the configuration of your bathroom, choose between a waterproof cabin to build or ready to install. Enjoy the diffusion of hot and humid steam with antistress and soothing virtues to purify your skin and your body. Equipped with the latest technologies, these cabins will offer you an experience beyond your expectations. &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>