<p>Living in the house of your dreams is a long-term project, in which you should not go blind and know all the realities of the field, both literally and figuratively. Several technical and legal requirements must indeed lay the foundations of your project, so that it can be realized in the best way.</p> <h5>Prepare the terrain</h5> <p>The location of the land and the land formalities are essential milestones of the construction site. Some important questions are worth asking at this stage of the project:</p> <p><strong>&gt; Is there a construction permit on the ground?</strong> The local municipal administration will provide you with the information on this subject.</p> <p><strong>&gt; Is the land connected to the electricity grid, to a telephone line, to gas, to a drinking water supply?</strong> It is advisable to inquire with the local authorities in charge of the cadastre.</p> <p><strong>&gt; What are the easements of the land and the conditions of access to the nearest road networks or public transport?</strong></p> <p><strong>&gt; What are the opportunities for funding, aid or grant?</strong> These facilities may be needed for the purchase of the land, the acquisition of the equipment, the equipment of the house (various furniture and decoration), the related costs (notary, mortgage fees ...) or for overall funding of the entire project. It will be important to consult the conditions of access to the various solutions that exist in Luxembourg, such as building premiums and aid granted in terms of energy consumption.</p> <h5>Choose your style</h5> <p>You can opt for a house built to measure, designed and designed by an architect. Another formula is that of a house turnkey, a team of technicians and an architect have thought for you.<br /> The style of construction is to be determined and depends on the regulations in force. The authorities of the cadastre of the construction zone will take care of the necessary authorizations, the technical follow-up and the respect of the existing texts and regulations.</p> <h5>Safety, environment and comfort</h5> <p><strong>&gt; Reliability:</strong> trust renowned professionals and demand clear quotes to avoid any inconvenience! A good architect and experienced craftsmen will deliver a job that meets your expectations.</p> <p><strong>&gt; Security: will</strong> your house be isolated from the emergency services (neighborhood, firemen, police ...) if necessary? The services of the mayor may provide answers to these concerns.</p> <p><strong>&gt; Comfort:</strong> the plans of your house, both for the infrastructure itself and for the access fittings, must include the building&#39;s exposure, the thermal insulation performances, the drainage of the water rain and snow, watertightness, the electrical circuit of the house or access to the nearest roads.</p>